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Smart Operations

Smart Operations is an innovative suite of applications to support the operation and digitization of small and medium-sized businesses. Our solutions are designed to enable your company to perform day-to-day administrative, work organization and other tasks quickly and cost-effectively. With their help, you can provide your employees with the modern work environment they need.

The applications in the SmartOperations suite of applications are highly interoperable and can be seamlessly integrated into everyday sessions across a variety of Microsoft / Office applications.

Our application package currently includes the following solutions:

IT product Smart Operations

SmartOp IT & Service is a service management system that, in accordance with the ITIL methodology, implements the management and monitoring of error reporting, troubleshooting, claim reporting and claims management processes for IT, office and other devices throughout the reporting lifecycle. Using the application, the tools needed to work with colleagues and their troubleshooting can be provided in an organized, fast and traceable way.

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MiniDW data warehousing solution

With our MiniDW data warehouse product, we provide a solution primarily for companies that are considering implementing their very first data warehouse. With the help of the product, instead of several years of data warehouse development, a working solution can be created and implemented in a matter of weeks.

Mapping and table structures are designed in Excel (Excel + Power Query), no special tools are required. Along with the design, the instructions for creating the tables and the transformations are also generated in SQL.

Our solution also has a number of other attractive features:

  • Fast-to-learn use, operation, and post-deployment data warehouse expansion can be accomplished with the help of the customer’s own IT team.
  • Completed charging parts can be run and checked separately, which greatly facilitates development and testing
  • Processes / charges can be mounted via live and historical reports.
  • Can be fitted to an SQL based relational database
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Live Dashboard

Our Live Dashboard is a BI solution based on Microsoft Azure services that can handle both live and historical data.

The main strength of the Live Dashboard is that it can immediately visualize the constantly coming “live” data on the various dashboard surfaces, so that events / data that would only appear on the surface after days with a classic BI solution become immediately visible. Rapid detection of events creates the opportunity to intervene in a timely manner, which is a huge value at virtually any step in the business.

Another great strength of the product is that it can be integrated very easily, even in less advanced applications that were not previously possible.

Additional strengths:

  • Quick to implement
  • Power BI-based, creating spectacular and informative dashboards that can be viewed on mobile devices.
  • It can be a cloud solution, the first step towards opening up to the cloud.
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SIMon International

SIMon International is a vendor- and platform-independent, full-spectrum radio and interference monitoring and analysis software that allows you to control all integrated devices from a single interface.

Map-centricity allows us to perform live and automated measurements. What’s more, the database, which contains frequency usage licenses, allows frequencies to be monitored automatically. The system is browser-based and does not require a personal presence to install and update.

SIMon International offers solutions to a number of problems that have so far seemed unsolvable to industry players.

  • Overcoming Vendor Lock-In
  • Unified, user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Reduce manual processes
  • API based device integration
  • Real-time visualization of large amounts of data
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VidSlides Elearning

With our solution called VidSlides, we provide support for any type of streaming. Whether it’s a business workshop or even an education, with VideSlides you can seamlessly share your live recording simultaneously with slides and presentation. The goal of the solution is to make the experience and quality available in the online space, that we would experience live in a conference or classroom.

Using the VideSlides solution, in addition to our own platform, we can stream the content we want to other interfaces, such as Facebook Live or YouTube. And what really sets the solution apart from traditional streaming is the sharing and searchability of parallel video and presentation. This is because shared presentations make the video searchable: you can jump to the right part of the recording by searching for the words that appear on the slide.

As part of the service, we provide not only the software, but also the tools needed to do so, taking streaming to a new level.

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Digital Design Library

With our product, we offer an innovative solution to the problems caused by the large number of designs on paper. Digital Design Library offers the ability to digitally store your designs with all its associated benefits. Any version of digitally captured designs is easily accessible from anywhere, thanks to advanced versioning and file system storage. So you always have the plan you need. Complicated and slow review and approval processes can be easily tracked using the application.

IT product Digital Design Library

In addition, the Digital Design Library provides a solution not only in the field of document management functions, but also in the field of project management. The Digital Design Library completes the system-wide management of projects based on 30 parameters, as well as the registration of the status of projects and documents. And the authorization management feature associated with our solution ensures that only the right people have access to these capabilities.

With a combination of project and document management, Digital Design Library becomes an application that provides a targeted solution to the problems of design companies.

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By using the solution, our customers have the opportunity to digitally support various warehousing processes, thus increasing their efficiency. It can provide real value to companies with storage units in many areas. Such areas include simplified unit digitization, increasing the efficiency of the warehousing and picking process, and optimizing transportation costs.

IT product iRack

IRack brings the industry 4.0 solution to warehouse management at a more affordable price than large warehouse management solutions. From the receipt of the goods, it supports all the processes in the warehouse digitally. It implements the possibility of internal navigation with the RFID tags placed in the warehouse and the warehouse map mapped in the application. Furthermore, by scanning the QR codes placed on the goods units, the AR module present in the iRack can be used to display all the information related to the given goods. This can be the information stored in the iRack itself, but it can also come from an existing warehouse management application. With these capabilities, iRack creates the connection between digital and physical warehouse management.

Benefits of iRack:

  • Simplify warehouse management
  • Facilitate the organization of transport
  • Simple unit training
  • Clarification of stock records
  • Mobile navigation module
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