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Balancing business needs and IT implementation with customized solutions. Be it digital switchover, efficiency gains, process automation or customer experience.


We balance business needs with IT implementation through customized solutions. Be it digital switchover, efficiency growth, process automation or customer experience.


Data is what our days are about. Data is our raw material, IT is our tool, business sense is our goal. We build small, medium and large data solutions. From the first steps gradually to complex systems.

In front-office and back-office we deliver powerful systems with the solutions of our own and our international partners. Robustness, competence and digital development.

Our products come from two directions. From business needs and the pursuit of modern technological and software development. At the intersection of the twowe deal with anything from high-tech systems to SME business solutions.

Grepton Group does not only offer services: we adapt flexibly to the needs of our partners so that they can achieve their goals as they planned. We have a wide range of competencies in software development technologies and methodologies. This allows us to suggest the most optimal solution out of the possible alternative methods for implementation.

We are at home in industry-specific digitalization.

We have supported the spread of digitalization in a wide variety of industries, both front and back office. We also facilitate efficient use of the handled and resulting corporate data assets. We have implemented complex systems for our financial, administrative, telecommunications, manufacturing, commercial and healthcare partners. Combined with our technological diversity, we are able to deliver the best solution with industry expertise.

For example, our partners can communicate effectively with their customers through the customer relationship systems introduced during the digitalzation process. This can also be followed by an effective internal process management system tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

More effective communication and increased efficiency of internal processes are just two examples of what we have achieved thanks to digitalization.

We consider progress and continuous improvement to be important, so we always strive to be able to create something new and forward-looking. This approach allows us to be technologically at the forefront. We apply this innovative approach, trained in our R&D activities, to the delivery of custom IT solutions and products for the benefit of our customers.


Integrated fractured rock body analysis and modeling system

Cloud-based business service management IT solution

Development of an integrated fractured rock body analysis and modeling system - Infress 2.0

Competitiveness-enhancing support for the procurement of a logistics system

We welcome applications, find out more about us, let’s get to know each other! If we don’t have the right position for you right now, feel free to send us your application to see if we need someone exactly like you in the future!

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