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Custom software development

During the custom software development, we help our clients to realize their unique needs, to formulate their needs, and to map out possible effective solutions.

During the implementation, we deliver high-quality support as custom software, the aim of which is to implement ideas that provide efficient solutions and ensure development in the short and long term, according to our customers’ ideas. A well-chosen IT solution determines the success and effectiveness of a company. To this end, we deliver complex IT solutions that make our customers’ business processes more efficient and streamlined, and support and simplify organizational processes.

Our solutions cover a wide range of needs, so our activities include .NET and special JAVA, among others:

  • Developing custom applications to meet the needs and business environment of our customers;
  • Design and construction of Internet portals, combining unique features and dynamic appearance;
  • Introducing intranet applications to improve teamwork and communication within the organization by facilitating the flow of information;
  • Development of event and process driven solutions from a rich feature base platform with minimum development requirements at maximum speed
  • Automate business processes with agile methods and solutions without exposure to technology;
  • Introduction and support of low-code development environment;
  • Creating a cloud infrastructure that provides maximum security without constraints, with a myriad of innovative technological options;
  • Development of cloud applications based on individual needs.
  • GIS / mapping software
  • Cloud services
  • Mobile optimized interfaces, mobile applications
  • Webshop development
  • Insurance developments
  • International developments / integrations
  • Public administration


In our work, from assessing customer needs to improving the efficiency of business processes in process analysis and consulting, we contribute to achieving the highest possible level of customer experience by developing new applications or improving existing systems after system design and optimization.

Our engineers include senior developers who have been with us for more than 20 years and fresh graduates from higher education, complemented by senior project managers, analysts and testers, enabling members to form an experienced and broad-minded team with fresh ideas. Thus, our technological range is also wide, the knowledge of our experts covers the following areas:

  • .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core MVC
  • HTML, CSS, Jquery, XML and JSON
  • Microsoft SQL database, PL / SQL
  • Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
  • Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core, NHibernate, ORM (Object Relational Mapping) technologies.
  • Hardware scaling, Load Balancing technologies management, IIS, AD, Azure, Azure DevOps,

Our successfully completed projects include systems ranging from the public administration sector to small, medium and large companies.


In both business and technology, our business is best characterized by a customer-oriented, agile vision. 

Our main customers:

  • SmartCommunications
  • Szerencsejáték Zrt.
  • T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.
  • Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  • Magyar Telekom Plc.

The vast majority of our developments are enterprise system integration, but we are also able to perform Front-end developments with different technologies.

Technologies we use

Our team includes both senior colleagues with many years of experience and young titans with a fresh approach. In this way, we are able to create a diverse, open and dynamic unit that can respond effectively to a wide variety of challenges. We believe in hard work, as afterwards it is the best to have a coffee together or play billiards with the team.

The methodologies we use

  1. Waterfall methodology is typical, especially for our administrative-state administration clients.
  2. Incremental methodology: typically for our clients in the private sector
  3. RUP (Rational Unified Process) methodology: less common, but it also occurs
  4. Agile methodology: popular with both enterprise and SME customers
  5. Iterative methodology: it is especially popular among our SME clients
  6. Scrum Methodology: Scrum is an incremental, iterative method of software development that can regulate the entire software development process, development activities, roles.

And why us?

  • Everything in one hand: Grepton Ltd. is able to implement tasks from business analysis to system design, development, testing and post-support, all in-house.
  • Expertise: Our colleagues have decades of experience in software design and development, with numerous developments behind them.
  • Creativity: We always use solutions that take into account individual needs and have the latest technologies available.
  • Thinking together: We look for solutions to our clients' business problems by thinking together with them, so that they too can feel the result and make the project much more successful.
  • Flexibility: We strive to meet the needs of our customers to a large extent, even those that other companies rigidly reject or do not see in their imagination.
  • Ongoing support: We provide support to our customers from the beginning of the collaboration with professional training, commercial and marketing, and technical support, and we also provide support after a live introduction if required.

In view of the above, Grepton Ltd. is an ideal supplier for its customers and an ideal workplace for its employees alike, where solutions are created in a good atmosphere, a cohesive team and an ergonomic environment.

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  • Magyar Telekom :
    • AVAS – Address Validation and Auto Suggest, the successor to the address requester – FE and middleware layer
    • Capcheck – Telekom services available at a given address – FE and middleware layer
    • Content store – video library content management system – FE, BE and middleware layers
    • ICT Marketplace – ICT services webshop system middleware layer – middleware layer
    • ASP – IT services management system – middleware layer
    • HHR – Authority Location System FE and middleware layer.
    • FMCC middleware – Greenfield customers M1B discount system – middleware layer
  • ITM
    • : We formulated the following objectives for the project:
      • merging the county pages into a central page, thus making it possible to display the information to be provided in a uniform structure and appearance;
      • strives for transparency, simplicity and comprehensibility in terms of content, appearance and functionality, in line with today’s expectations;
      • the aim is not only to publish the information, but also to pass it on to the target groups as effectively as possible, and to build trust in the services of the employment body.
    • Pathology Information System (PIR) – the purpose of the system is to provide flexible support for pathological workflows. Its main functions are the electronic registration of the events and results of the pathological sample identification, processing, sample tracking and harmonization.
    • Skillnoid: SKILLNOID creates a connection between the virtual world provided by games and the real physical world by gamifying motion.
    • R&D Developments:
      • Infress: The project will create an integrated geological fracture network analysis and modeling system, supported by scientific computer simulation, capable of simulating fracturing and its resulting properties in a geological environment.
      • Smart Communications Scrum Teams: SmartCOMM is a state-of-the-art CCM (Customer Communications Management) platform that provides reliable support for content editing processes and significantly enhances the overall customer experience for each interaction. You can read more about this here (link this to an existing article).

Mobile application development

Until our complete portfolio is complete, please contact us with your mobile application development needs …

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UI / UX design

In order for our applications to provide the best possible experience for their users, impeccable technical implementation is not enough. We place great emphasis on designing the user interface, user experience, and user processes. In this way, we help to implement the solutions imagined by our customers in such a way that they offer as much as possible not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of software ergonomics. Our work supports the user to see, manage and assist in the development of streamlined processes in even more complex systems.

The contribution of UI / UX design appears in different forms at every stage of the development process of the solutions we have developed individually. In the survey phase, as active communication with the customer, which later forms the wireframe of the application.

The wireframe depicts the logical structure of the application, which undergoes even smaller or larger changes as a result of negotiations with the customer, depending on how mature the demand specifications are. This is because the wireframe is an excellent tool for visualizing the expectations for the operation of the application, which can often shed light on additional latent needs.

After creating the wireframe, we create a prototype of the application using a Figma or Adobe XD tool. Even during prototype production, we pay close attention to creating a process experience so that the customer can already get a taste of the experience they want to provide with the intended application during testing.

After fine-tuning together, the final design and UI layouts (user interfaces) begin. When designing, we place great emphasis on ensuring that the completed development fits into the existing corporate image. During branding, we not only place company logos in the application, but also design custom icon sets. Our design UI specialists are always up to date with the latest international trends, so the developments we make are not only technologically competitive but also in terms of design.

The UI / UX design is more than simple graphic elements and well-placed nicely drawn logos. This gives the user experience, which will make the app lovable. With a well-thought-out and planned development, you can increase user satisfaction, efficiency, and a long-term solution for your business.


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System operation and support

We provide Grepton Group customers with a high level of operation and support for enterprise IT systems, whether they are Microsoft on-premise, cloud-based or even hybrid solutions. Our responsibilities include receiving and managing SCSM (System Center Service Manager) user reports, maintaining the network, hardware and software infrastructure, and ensuring the security of the IT system and the data stored in it. With our many years of experience, we are able to provide customized solutions to the business challenges that arise according to the needs of our customers. And our expert colleagues provide the Microsoft Gold Partnership with the acquisition of constantly updated Microsoft competencies. Our methodology, developed according to ITIL, makes a significant contribution to responding to problems in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

With these goals in mind, we undertake the partial or full operation of our customers’ IT infrastructure and the high level of support from our customers. And that’s not all: our company accompanies you throughout the entire sales cycle, from consulting to needs assessment, licensing consulting, to support and consulting on the systems used. The most important thing for us is to make our Client feel at the very first meeting that we will create the desired solution in harmony with his ideas, thus striving for long-term cooperation. 

Our services:

  • Desktop support, Service Desk in 5 * 8 hours
  • User support in 7 * 8 hours
  • IT operation, infrastructure management
  • Infrastructure and system support
  • Diagnostics, monitoring
  • IT infrastructure audit
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Cloud migration

M365 migration

At Grepton, we are aware that telecommuting is becoming more and more a part of everyday work today. Switching to this requires serious professional training and care. That’s why we provide effective assistance to our partners and ensure that the migration of email systems goes smoothly and successfully during the transition to online teamwork in Microsoft 365.

Through our service, we support the migration of on-premise mail systems to Microsoft O356 Exchange Online. As part of this process, we will migrate some or all of the data found in the on-premise mail system to O365 in the Microsoft cloud.

We help you migrate the following data:

  • user mailboxes and their contents,
  • user calendars and their contents,
  • user contacts and their contents.

Exchange Online is only part of the Microsoft O365 family of products, which, depending on the package you choose, allows you to take advantage of additional services and applications:

  • Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access)
  • Teams teamwork and collaboration service
  • OneDrive service
  • Intune mobile device management
  • SharePoint service
  • Azure security services

Our service includes the solution of the following tasks:

  • Create an O365 subscription (if required)
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration
    • Establish directory synchronization with the O365 Azure directory
    • Assign Office 365 licenses to synchronized users.
  • Start and complete the migration from the on-premise mail system to O365 Exchange Online
    • synchronization takes place in several steps at the end of each working day,
    • the migration does not affect normal mail traffic.
  • Redirect mail traffic to Exchange Online and provide the necessary name resolution settings

Microsoft Azure migration

Grepton Ltd’s experienced cloud expert colleagues ensure you can get the most out of your cloud infrastructure and service environment. We support the design, construction and expansion of full cloud or hybrid infrastructures.

When implementing Azure, we perform the following tasks:

  • Assess the existing environment and the goals to be achieved
  • Cloud concept and strategy development
  • Select a cost plan and appropriate Azure services
  • Creating an Azure host environment
  • Simplified (lift & shift) migration of applications and data
  • Redesign migration of applications and workloads
  • Operator training

With Azure, you can expand, secure, and continuously access your enterprise IT. In most cases, the following improvements should be made to Azure:

  • Infrastructure procurement
  • Creating new applications
  • Creating a development and testing environment
  • Meeting fast and hectic resource needs
  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Reducing security risks
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License Management

Our partners not only get licenses, but a complete service. With us, the partnership begins with reviewing and optimizing existing licenses to find the unique license combination that best fits our client’s business needs.

During the optimization process, we take stock of the licenses that have already been purchased and subscribed. We then use the profiling process to assess and learn about the individual needs that arise from day-to-day operations. Finally, we provide a documentation that includes our suggestions for the appropriate license structure.
We optimize not only the number and type of licenses, but also the performance of the resources used in Azure. Where power consumption, outliers and weak points are monitored. After that, we make a recommendation to optimize your Azure subscription. It is often the case that we are already able to achieve cost savings by switching to a new type of server resource while maintaining current performance.

Deployment, training, and ACM (Adoption Change Management) are also part of our services, so you can take full advantage of your licensing.
In the field of our licenses, we can serve our customers with a flexible subscription structure. With this structure, even day-to-day changing business needs can be met, new licenses can be obtained in a matter of seconds, or redundant ones can be eliminated. Payment is available based on actual consumption in monthly or yearly periods.

Most common license groups

M365 : You can find different combinations of the most common Office applications in the M365 packages. You can find everything you need to have a digital office, from correspondence through file sharing to group collaboration.

D365 : Innovative, intelligent business applications that cover the entire business process. With a high degree of synergy to the entire portfolio of Microsoft products

Azure: A flexible cloud-based computing platform with endless possibilities.

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Merkantil Bank Zrt. – Service Manager ITIL process implementation, operation, Provance device management implementation, IT Infrastructure consulting

National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation – Complete IT Infrastructure Design, Development, Operational Support, Licensing, Hardware Delivery and Commissioning

Change Management (ACM)

In the implementation projects, we not only strive for integration, but also place great emphasis on adoption and change management. Our goal is to achieve a high degree of acceptance among employees for the solutions we introduce. This will help them to truly become part of the corporate culture and achieve the change they want.

In the case of successful implementation projects, in addition to application integration, special attention must be paid to making the new application part of the corporate culture. If both of these focus points are realized, we will be able to achieve the goal of introduction.
In projects where the project goal is not achieved, the reason for failure can be identified in 70% of cases as inadequate or non-existent change management. In such cases, the new application is implemented at the enterprise level, but this is not done at the individual level, so the project is not able to trigger the desired change. If we make up for this in retrospect, the time and budget will be exceeded and the effectiveness of change management will be affected.

At the Grepton Group, we use the ADKAR methodology developed by Prosci to support change management in our implementation projects. The philosophy of change management is also present as an integral part of our project management. For those implementations where there is a need for change management, our ADKAR-certified consulting colleague is actively present from the very beginning. They make sure that we keep increasing the acceptance and knowledge among our employees in parallel with the integration process.


Want to know more about ADKAR?

The ADKAR methodology consists of 5 main stages, which together during the implementation process achieve what is already part of the corporate culture by the time the application integration is realized.

  • Awareness: Raising the awareness of the arrival of the new application.
  • Longing: Build a desire for the app in prospective users.
  • Knowledge: Equip users with the knowledge required to use the application.
  • Ability: Transforming knowledge into a skill.
  • Confirmation: Ensure continued use of the application.
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