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Public administration

A well-chosen IT solution can determine not only the successful operation and efficiency of a company, but also the organization of a public administration. With our help, even national competent authorities can operate more efficiently, with shorter administrative deadlines, in a way that can be effortlessly understood by citizens. Compliance with the law is, of course, a key requirement in official proceedings. However, in addition to general administrative order, it is also necessary to assess and learn about sector-specific solutions in order to find and implement the best solution. This knowledge is acquired during the survey phase, with the active participation of official staff. In the course of implementation, it is of paramount importance to meet the different needs of the two main actors in the official process – the citizen and the administrator. Citizens must be provided with easy-to-use, transparent interfaces for submitting applications and rectifications, where they can also access documents sent to or received from the authority. We also provide the clerks with the ease of use and transparency, but also with the possibility of flexible case management, as there may be a unique problem in any case. Our advanced document management solution is also designed to support this, and its use enables the automatic template-based production of documents and documents, among other things. Our completed systems fit their tasks into an existing infrastructure. A system for receiving records and creating response records requires a connection to the records management system available to the organization. In addition to receiving and transferring records, this connection can include automatic filing and the integration of other records management operations. Of course, we also provide additional services for the completed applications according to the needs of the customers, which include consulting, system support and operation. In the framework agreements concluded as a result of the centralized public procurement procedures conducted by the Digital Government Agency Private Limited Company (DKÜ Zrt.) and the Directorate General for Public Procurement and Supply (KEF) as the Purchaser, Grepton Zrt. is available as a supplier in several areas to meet the needs of institutions involved in centralized procurement. The current framework agreements can be viewed here.
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With a well-chosen IT partner, financial institutions can make significant progress in increasing digitization, efficiency and competitiveness. At the same time, they can provide IT solutions to several areas of their operations from a single source.

The need for back office digitization for financial companies is primarily driven by efficiency gains, automation, greater transparency, and cost optimization. On the front office side, the advancement of online communication channels, the development of easy-to-use and fast-to-market digital products, the customer experience and fintech competition are driving IT developments. At the same time, a high degree of integrity of digitization developments is essential in a complex and always on financial operation.

Our extensive experience in the domestic financial industry allows us to meet the full range of IT needs. Be it the company’s main transaction system, commission calculation solution, financial processes or customer management through digital channels, customer communication.

At Grepton Zrt., we ensure the competitiveness of our customers with our uniquely developed solutions and the joint application of our partners’ products. We place special emphasis on the areas of customer management and communication in order to achieve the increasingly high level of automation and paperwork in the back office at all levels of customer interaction. From contracting to everyday communication.

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An appropriate, relevant IT solution can improve the efficient operation of a manufacturing company, thereby improving its competitiveness. With digital tools, we can offer an optimal solution to the challenges of different horizontal areas, from production through quality management to human resources.

Domestic manufacturing companies show quite different levels of digital maturity. It depends on the industry (so-called high-tech product production vs. more traditional product offerings), the size and capital strength of the company (SME vs. large enterprise segment), ownership background (part of an international group vs. domestic company), its role in the supply chain (customer expectations) or even from the corporate culture.
In most production companies, the growing demand for IT and digital solutions is common. It is almost impossible to manage the complex processes of a modern manufacturing company without these solutions, or even just see how they work.

Our company, Grepton Zrt., is able to cover the entire demand vertical with its own competencies and partners as a one-stop solution supplier. Whether you are an automotive supplier, a domestic or international pharmaceutical company, a food company, a machine manufacturer or even a packaging manufacturer, we help you design and implement the optimal IT solution on the road to Industry 4.0.
Most manufacturing companies have invaluable data assets in place: years of production parameters, machine data, measurement results are ‘dusted’ virtually on their servers – instead of creating real value for that company.
Our Data business of nearly 40 people delivers state-of-the-art solutions in the areas of business intelligence (BI), reporting, Big Data or even data warehousing. Our solutions can run on local servers (on premise) or even in the cloud. Our modern, transparent reporting and dashboard interfaces can speed up and simplify decision-making, from the simplest OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) to complex, real-time MES (Manufacturing Execution System) data, from shift manager to senior management.

Cloud solutions are slowly but surely starting to spread in the industry. While in recent years the fear of lack of availability and the threat to data security have been the main obstacle to the spread of cloud, nowadays cloud-based solutions are spreading more and more rapidly in the industry.
The increasingly complex and fragmented operation of production companies also makes existing processes more and more complex. Their insight, control and optimization can no longer be relied on (alone) for human intervention. Digital support is needed. Whether it’s a production process, a quality process, maintenance, product development, employee training or sourcing, Grepton’s solutions ensure that processes are not only ‘done’, but with the necessary approvals, fully controlled and traceable.
Our self-developed service management solutions provide our employees with a complete digital toolkit, enabling them to simplify and speed up administrative burdens (task allocation, asset requests, leave requests, approvals, etc.), allowing them to make the most of their working time.

The importance of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level in a production digitization project cannot be overemphasized. The ERP level is actually the alpha and omega of production – a modern MES system extracts data and writes it back to the ERP system so that decision makers have an accurate picture of the current state of the factory at all times. For this reason, it is essential to put the ERP system in order before launching an Industry 4.0 project, or in the absence of it, to set it up. The Grepton Group has decades of experience in deploying and customizing Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.
Whether it’s customer contracts, quality documentation, product drawings and designs, every production company relies on an efficient yet simple document management system. With version control, a change management system, a document and design library, or a registry system, the Grepton team can help you organize and store the materials you need for day-to-day operations.

Finally, in a smart factory, not only production lines, production machines and products can communicate with each other, but ideally with existing, legacy IT systems. We can provide our partners with the knowledge and experience needed to establish the necessary interfaces, data connections, system mapping and audits.

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We also play an active role in the telecommunications industry, and with our innovative developments we constantly strive to provide value in this sector as well. This is evidenced by the developments detailed below, which allow us to offer a forward-looking solution to our client’s business challenges.

Authority Positioning System (HHR) description:

  • Services (depending on user rights)
    • after logging in, MPC positioning of a given number, displaying the data in map and text format. OpenStreetMap (offline map data source) is used for map display.
    • Cell query
    • the application is integrated with many enterprise systems
    • Browsing logos and supporting other administrative tasks
  • Safety
    • The system meets high security requirements for authentication and functionality.
  • Availability
    • Service availability is 99.5%. Magyar Telekom provides the hardware and operational tasks required for the availability of the service.
    • The system operates in georedundied clustering.

TMAP is a Google Maps-based map solution developed for Telekom, which shows the coverage of different bandwidths and technologies. The delivered solution has a backend and a frontend. The purpose of the backend is to process GML mapping files (GML = uses the XML format to transmit and store mapping information according to the OpenGIS standard) and to produce map details representing coverage at different scales. The frontend superimposes the mapping objects, layers, and the coverage layer provided by the solution backend using the Google maps API.

In this way, cities and streets can be searched on the map, and when enlarged to a specific point, it can be read at the house number level whether the given service is available with the given technology and bandwidth.

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We are also present in the healthcare sector, contributing to the essential work of those working in the industry through modern solutions. A well-chosen IT system significantly enhances work flow and provides support for the business processes required to get the job done.

Pathology Information System (PIR):

PIR is an IT application supporting the diagnostic processes of the pathology laboratory network, the purpose of which is the electronic registration of the events and results of the identification, processing, sample tracking and harmonization of the pathological sample. The system was implemented as a greenfield investment by examining Hungarian and foreign methodologies, involving pathologists and IT specialists.

During the PIR design period, pathology laboratory business processes were surveyed, modeled, and the functions from the business processes that the system will support were determined. To assess business processes, we discussed with pathologists the current problems and needs for laboratory processes so that using the system would be an experience and not a compulsion for them.

During the planning of the PIR, we took into account the current legal provisions on the protection of personal data and information security. The system basically manages patient data in the workflows of the pathology department. The minimum principle of the GDPR is observed for the data stored in the system, ie. only the information that is minimally necessary to perform the given task is stored. In addition to the current provisions, we have taken into account the internal information security regulations of the ÁEEK, which can be better understood in the case of applications handling health data (eg the emphasis is on loss of trust instead of material damage).

Using PIR, we have implemented more efficient management and more accurate recording of data on pathologies, which has greatly reduced paper-based documentation, thus helping those working on pathologies (pathologists, assistants, etc.) to work more quickly and gain faster access to managerial information.

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Our existing framework agreements

Framework Agreement ID: DKM0105SWFE21 (Project Office: Delta Systems Kft.)

Subject of the framework agreement: Provision of development services for EU-funded Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft Business Intelligence application systems

Effective 16/09/2016

Price list: view the price list

Framework Agreement ID: DKM0203SWFE21 (Project Office: T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.)

Subject of the framework agreement: Provision of development services related to an EU-funded Java-based development environment or Business Intelligence application development environment

Effective 16/09/2016

Price list: view the price list

Framework Agreement ID: DKM0104SWF21 (Project Office: Delta Systems Kft.)

Subject of the framework agreement: Provision of development services and operational support for Microsoft .NET Framework-based and Microsoft Business Intelligence application systems

Effective: 14/09/2026

Price list: view the price list

Framework Agreement ID: DKM0202SWF21 (Project Office: T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.)

Subject of the framework agreement: Provision of development services and operational support related to the Java-based development environment or the development environment of Business Intelligence application systems

Effective: 14/09/2026

Price list: view the price list

Framework Agreement ID: DKM0105OLIC20 (Project Office: T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.)

Subject of the Framework Agreement: Extension of Existing Oracle Software Licenses

Effective October 27, 2022

Price list: view the price list

Framework Agreement ID: KM0103OPEN17
(Project office: Invitech ICT Services Kft.)

Subject of the framework agreement: Software licenses and related services for full interoperability through open standards

Valid: 04/06/2022

Price list: view the price list

Framework Agreement ID: KM0108ITBT17 (Project Office: IMG Solution Zrt.)

Subject of the framework agreement: Procurement of IT security solutions and related services

Effective: 2/22/2021

Price list: view the price list