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The Grepton Group is an active participant in the R&D projects. We are proud to build the future by creating state-of-the-art solutions in all of our developments. Thanks to these supported projects, we have been able to develop innovative, cutting-edge IT solutions in a wide range of industries and sectors.


The SKILLNOID application uses exercise gamification to connect the virtual world of games to the real physical world. Thanks to the platform with each minute spent with exercise, users can simultaneously do for a healthier life and gain progress in the connected game. Because of the different recorded physical activities, they can activate rewards and benefits within the games. With this incentive system, we have created a win-win situation for the gamers, because if they stop playing for any sport or movement, their progress in the game won’t stop.

When using the app, motion rewards are displayed for each game. After selecting a reward, all the calories earned by any movement activity will accumulate to activate it. To collect calories, the user only needs two things: a GoogleFit account and a device that records the active calories and step number in this account, as SKILLNOID calculates all calories based on these two data.

Our application is completely cloud-based and due to the fact that SKILLNOID does not belong to any game development studio, it can be freely integrated into any game, regardless of the platform. Currently, the application is available for download on mobile devices running Android from the Google Play store.

Skillnoid app


The result of the project will be a data processing system that connects AR/VR glasses and 3D printers to medical imaging systems. We plan to appear at international professional events.

The product will provide the following capabilities:

  • Doctors can diagnose much faster and more accurately.
  • It puts the preparation for surgeries in a whole new perspective.
  • 3D models for educational purposes.

In modeling, we concretize a human model so that, in the end, the 2D images calculated from the model are the same as the actual shots. No example of this method has been found in the academic literature.

The ultimate value of better diagnosis for people and the community will be early detection of diseases, which will not only reduce the cost of treatment but also greatly improve the quality of life. The product of the project will produce higher-quality 3D models from the images provided by high-value imaging equipment (CT, MR, PET-CT) that can be studied much easier, and more thoroughly. This saves thousands of medical diagnostic hours on every piece of equipment, so it can be self-sustaining in the market.

When building the 3D model from the images the aberrations (size or shape) of the unhealthy organs will appear, which may lead to the automatic diagnosis. Most countries are spending more and more percent of their GDP on health care, however, a significant portion of this expenditure could be saved through more efficient diagnostics.

The original results of medical diagnostic imaging are difficult to handle because a large number of two-dimensional cross-sectional images have to be reviewed one by one, and imagine from them the shape of each organ. Furthermore, they show only one-way planar sections, so they are not always suitable for examining diagnostic-relevant projections.

The expected completion date is the end of January 2022.


Under the name Infress, we have created a product that serves as a unified analysisandmodeling system for examiningrock bodies. Byusing the Infress integrated analysis and modeling system, the efficiency and effectiveness of drilling bygeological profilecompanies and institutions can be significantly increased.

In creating Infress, we integrated geological, geophysical, mathematical, and IT procedures into a common analysis and modeling system. The result is an application that providesvaluable data and analysis forits users based on 6 main pillars.

  • Digitalization and analysis of a 2-dimensional fracture network
  • 3D rock frame structure
  • Fracture network analysis based on deep drilling geophysical surveys
  • Interpolation of fracture geometry data to rock frame cells
  • Fractal network simulation based on fractal geometry algorithm
  • Evaluation of a simulated cracked system

Our solutioncan be used in many areas, including hydrocarbonexploration, production, waste disposal(eg radioactive), or geothermal energy recovery.

Smart Block

The “Smart Block Building-Centered IoTNetwork and Services Development” was created as a smart building system combining smart home solutionsand condominium building automation as well as condominium operation functions. The resulting product range implements the supervision and control of common areas and infrastructures with a unified local communication network and distributed data collection and control units, as well as the supervision and control of privately-owned parts of the building with different functions.

The solution uses and develops the latest technological elements of IoT (internet of things) technologies in a unique way. The system can even be installed to monitor and control condominium areas, to which individual homeowners can connect at any time by installing a new smart home device in their home, without having to purchase an expensive data collector and internet data communication device. Homeowners connected to the system will be able to use the same convenience andsecurity features of a smart home as if they had their own stand-alone smart home system.

The housing operation function can be provided by an integrated internet-based smart building system by integrating the access control system, camera system, various sensors, security technical alarms, and various consumption meters as input devices. The integrated system would also be capable of alarm, control, and display functions. Thus, the need to control individual properties, control common infrastructures (gates and barriers), detect alarms, and transmit them in-house to other individual property owners could be solved in one system.