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ERP - Business Management Systems

ERP systems connect a multitude of business processes and allow data to flow between them. The Grepton Group’s ERP solution covers the following business processes:

  • accounting
  • procurement
  • project management
  • risk management and compliance
  • supply chain operations
  • enterprise performance management
  • planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting financial results

By collecting shared transaction data from an organization from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and ensure data integrity with a single central source.

Such a system is the fully cloud-based system we offer, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, or Microsoft Dynamics F&O and Microsoft Dynamics Axapta , which help you solve financial, logistics and sales challenges efficiently. Grepton ERP competencies and portfolio are provided by the group’s DAX member company, which can be viewed by clicking here. .

Financial transparency:
Get a comprehensive view of your finances easily and quickly by linking your sales, purchasing, accounting and other processes. Real-time statistics and reports are available thanks to built-in, automatic reports. Take control of your company’s finances and manage them easily from one place.

Automatic, optimized
supply chain:
Make sure your inventory levels always match current demand. Built-in artificial intelligence schedules tasks, analyzes sales opportunities and inventory, and then makes recommendations to keep you up-to-date on challenges.

Improving sales
and service:
With the help of the system, you can summarize and track your sales and entire sales cycle in one place. This allows you to speed up your sales processes, allowing you to focus on improving your service. Organize your resources efficiently according to the needs of each sale.

Connect your new ERP system with your existing Microsoft products and save time. Combining Azure, Office and Dynamics reduces the time it takes to get the job done – support your staff with the 21st century’s greatest innovation: the immediate availability of information.

Deliver on time, minimize your budget
Plan and monitor your projects in real time. Keep track of ever-changing resources, profitability, and progress with built-in reports.

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Allianz Zrt. Test – SmartCOMM developments

Hungarian Receivables Manager – SmartCOMM introduction


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that manages all of a company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships for business growth. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps companies stay connected with customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

A good CRM solution helps you focus your organization’s relationships with individual people — including customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers — throughout their lifecycle with them, including finding new customers, winning a business, and building a complete relationship. support and ancillary services provided during the period. The Grepton Group offers a solution for this with CRM developments.

We help you create a centralized customer database covering the entire service cycle: from demand definition, through specification, to consulting, parameterization, implementation, support and operation. This ensures that the completed database contains all relevant information:

  • Existing customer data
  • Potential customers
  • Contacts
  • Customer contacts
  • Past purchasing history of customers

We can offer our CRM solutions to any business that works with a larger number of customers, regardless of industry. A well-designed CRM system has a positive effect on sales and quality communication, thereby increasing work efficiency. That’s not all, as it also helps build forecasts, statements, and future campaigns.

We can customize the product as needed so that our customers can start using the system productively as soon as possible. In many cases, our CRM systems are paired with our ERP solutions, which we can offer integrated with existing systems.

Our range of services also includes consulting, needs assessment, system implementation and support.

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Customer Communications Management / CCM

Digital channels are playing an increasingly important role in customer communication throughout the customer lifecycle and play a key role in shaping the customer experience. The digital customer experience is becoming an important competitive factor. IT needs to enable business to deliver multi-channel, personalized, real-time and interactive digital communications, all in an integrated, cost-effective way and with optimized processes.

Enterprise communication made easy: how can you ensure continuity within enterprise customer communications?

Customized, interactive and relevant communication is now a basic requirement for customers – moreover they wish to communicate with their chosen phraseology and through their preferred communication channel. And companies are trying to learn the language of the new “digital consumer” as much as possible, but it is important to know that a corporate customer communication system (CRM) that can only produce standardized letters and documents with the customer’s name is not enough.

Traditional CRM and customer communication management / CCM systems are typically not capable of handling a variety of digital communication channels, nor are they capable of customized, individual, and interactive communication. This already requires a new generation platform with digital foundations capable of higher levels of customer communication. With SmartCOMM ™, large companies can simplify not only their customer communication but also their business communication accordingly.

Why choose SmartCOMM customer communication management / CCM?

  • Generate business-driven templates
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a cloud-based or a hybrid system
  • Real cloud-based solutions
  • Web-based sketch editor
  • Support for approval processes
Key features of the SmartCOMM CCM solution
  • Browser-based document draft editing - you can quickly modify documents, use pre-approved content, and finalize a shipment according to the sending channel.
  • Handles a wide range of formats: Postscript, AFP, plain text, SMS, video, XML, HTML, PDF and Word.
  • Secure collaboration - Controlled access and inevitable audit logging provide a higher level of security with reduced risk.
  • Responsive Templates - Test digital communications on mobile devices and tablets to ensure consistent, undisturbed and error-free communication.
  • Data and content-driven document generation - Automatically selects the form associated with the content, simplifying the complex operation of output channels.
  • Interactive HTML and PDF output- Supports interactive HTML-based email and interactive PDF output.
  • Seamless data access - Fast integration with existing sales (CRM) and enterprise management systems through standardized interfaces.
  • Powerful template development - Automated communication selection and customization with an intuitive, browser-based template design system.
  • Instant communication on demand - Create personalized messages with a single click.
  • Flexible Deployment - Deploys in any environment, whether cloud-based, hybrid, or in-house, reducing the cost of purchasing and running the product.

SmartComm PPL

What do you need to know about the collaboration between SmartCOMM and Grepton?

Smart Communications helps the world's largest businesses simplify and continuously improve customer and business communications.

Smart Communications pioneered a new generation of customer communications (CCM) solutions in 2004 and continues to be an industry leader with its unique cloud and hybrid cloud-based solution. Smart Communications is the only independent company that focuses 100% on the challenges of enterprise CCM. In its solutions, template management becomes extremely simple, and users have an exceptional opportunity to control the processes. That's why more than 300 brands - many of them from the world's most regulated industries - rely on Smart Communications solutions in their customer communications strategies.

Smart Communications is headquartered in London but has offices worldwide, making it available to customers in North America, Europe and Asia. It offers solutions such as SmartCOMM Smart, SmartDX ™, SmartCORR ™ for Salesforce, and SMARTCaaS ™ for Partners.

Any information that the company communicates externally, be it a contract, email, text message, statement or notice, is part of a larger dialogue that it has with the customer. For companies that want to keep pace with the digital transformation, they will sooner or later have to face the complexity of customer communication. There will be more and more channels, bringing more connection points and more interactions - not to mention a growing number of customers in the meantime.

Smart Communications is the solution you can turn to with peace of mind when your needs exceed your available capabilities.

Grepton Zrt. as the sole distributor and manufacturer partner in the Central and Eastern European region, provides the following services:

  • License sales
  • Develop a system implementation strategy, execute implementation and system integration.
  • For the complete consolidation and modernization of document production processes and activities.
  • Template development, transfer of existing content, migration.
  • Full integration, automation of processes with the Smart DocuMan integration application developed and used internationally by Grepton.

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Allianz Zrt. – SmartCOMM enhancements

Hungarian Receivables Manager – SmartCOMM introduction

Workflow and process management

With the introduction of workflow systems, it is possible to fully modernize and digitize the processes. By taking advantage of the potential of systems, we can provide solutions to your problems in a number of areas:

  • existing core and industry systems can be supplemented with missing features
  • we can digitize unique processes
  • We can take advantage of the potential of RPA (robotic process automation)

In addition to modernization and digitization, there are several other benefits to implementing a workflow application. The transparency and efficiency of processes supported by such applications will increase significantly. Also, in the case of standardizable processes, it is possible to replace the human workforce using RPA technology. RPA technology allows us to fully automate repetitive administrative workflows, saving a lot of time. Examples of automated processes include moving data between systems, filling out forms, reading data from attachments, managing invoices, or creating statements.

At the Grepton Group, we provide support to our partners throughout the implementation process of workflow systems. We have a wide range of technologies (.Net Core, Java, Oriana, Microsoft Power Apps, Oracle Application Express) so we can meet any need, be it specific or complex. We also have the help of our extensive industry expertise, which helps us not only digitize and automate the existing processes of our partners, but also create value by optimizing them.

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Telenor – Enterprise workflow management system for 800 processes (customer management, procurement, demand management, authorization management, IT service management, network maintenance, etc.) Integration with 20 back-end systems.

Magyar Claims Management Ltd. – Workflow system related to the integrated claims management and registration system (KÖKÉNY) with process tracking, task generation and allocation, authorization management, related document management. Supported processes: claims management procedure and records, procurement, document management, financial operations, customer management, reporting.

Teamwork and modern workplace

One of the cornerstones of digitalization is the creation of a digital work environment, for which the Grepton Group provides a wide range of reliable devices. With these tools, not only can the digital switchover be taken a step further, but collaboration and efficiency can be taken to a new level. Our portfolio of Microsoft products includes all the components of M365 and the expertise to integrate them.

With the M365 package, you can achieve absolute flexibility, satisfying your employees’ desire to work safely and stably from anywhere. The cloud-based M365 ecosystem helps with this, which not only supports teamwork but is also essential for hybrid work.

  • Office applications: essential elements of office work: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint
  • Teams: online meetings, chat, file sharing all in one place
  • OneDrive: With OneDrive, you can move your business data to the cloud, ensuring it’s securely accessible from anywhere, from any device.
  • SharePoint: with the application, you can open a new space for business and teams to collaborate online. Document management, editing and sharing.

+ Change management

Implementation of ACM projects – High degree of acceptance – Development of corporate culture

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Richter Gedeon Nyrt . – O365 and Microsoft Teams implementation and change management for the entire Hungarian organization

State Health Care Center – O365 Introduction

Nemzeti Infocommunication Service Ltd. – Implementation of Microsoft Teams

Document management

Properly managing, storing, and organizing large amounts of documents can be a challenge for any organization, regardless of industry. The Grepton Group offers a solution to this challenge by developing custom document management systems.

Our document management systems are fully customized to meet all their needs. Our partners often need not only simple document storage, but also version tracking and authorization management. What the systems we have developed meet, and our solutions not only satisfy all the needs of our customers, but can also be perfectly integrated into their existing systems and supplemented with workflow processes.

There is a need for our systems among customers who handle large volumes of documents, and it is important to track and store changes to these documents. Typically, such customers are companies that work with a lot of regulations, product descriptions, or different plan documentation.

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Magyar Telekom Zrt. A management system supporting the entire life cycle of the regulations governing the operation of the company was developed for Sharepoint 2013. Total user base ~ 1500-2000 people.

NIF Zrt. manages electronic design platform for construction works.


Adherence to different procedures and rules can be a headache for anyone who encounters one in the course of their work. To meet this challenge, the Grepton Group offers its customers self-developed products that help them work more efficiently.

Our experienced colleagues who are familiar with the subject are at your disposal for such challenges. Our systems for solving these problems are designed to support administrative processes and manage official processes. We can also integrate these systems on demand, keeping in mind the goal of further developing their important existing functions. The repertoire of our solutions includes many different capabilities:

  • support for inspections
  • records management and records
  • receiving requests
  • gap filling
  • production of pre-made protocol templates
  • workflow systems management
  • access management

In addition, our services include needs assessment, consulting and system support.

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Council of Mountain Communities – HEGYIR system for the official approval of the planting and grubbing-up of wine grapes, the provision of producer data and the preparation of official reports

Lechner Knowledge Center – Lechner System

Project monitoring

At the Grepton Group, we are partners in the entire process of developing project monitoring systems. From assessing and understanding the needs to performing the support tasks of the completed system. Our systems are fully developed individually, so we are able to meet all the needs of our customers. Thanks to our decades of experience spanning a wide range of different industries, we also have the necessary industry-specific knowledge to enable us to meet any need.

Project monitoring
A properly designed and implemented project monitoring system is able to cover the entire life cycle of a project, from project design to execution to follow-up. In other words, monitoring is nothing more than the tasks defined during the planning of the project, resp. continuous monitoring of the implementation of activities, the fulfillment of the final goals, ie the final result during the implementation of the project. A wide range of data can be managed in these systems, enabling all areas of the project to be monitored. The creation of automated reports, which make the data set accumulated in the project valuable, also helps to achieve this.

Live status monitoring
The key element of the project monitoring system is the continuous updating of the data and statuses according to the current conditions, because this allows the status of the project to be analyzed continuously during the project implementation. This ensures that project management, decision-makers and those in charge receive clear information at all times about the actual state of the project and the development of each sub-task, thus supporting the preparation and making of individual decisions. In other words, the primary goal of monitoring is to be able to decide, in the possession of the available data and information, whether the project is progressing according to the preliminary plans, whether intervention or additional steps are necessary.

Project automation
Thanks to automated project planning, problem management is much smoother and more accurate. It is enough to change the necessary parameters and the redesign affecting all areas of the project will take place automatically. Workflow systems play an important role in this automation, being able to connect not only to the different parts of the project monitoring system, but also to other applications in the company. With this kind of integration, project planning, support and supervision becomes a whole new experience.

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NIF Zrt. Project Progress Application Phase 1 – Regular reporting to NIF management and oversight bodies on the technical-professional-financial progress of NIF infrastructure projects

Lechner Knowledge Center – ETDR-EHTR Building Permit Support System